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Dutch - Australia History
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1   Link   The Duyfken
2   Link   Dutch & Australia Maritime history
3   Link   Dutch-Australians in the past, now and in the future
Dutch emigrants in Australia are described on this homepage: in the 17th century, the first WW and after WW2
4   Link   Dutch Australian on Wikipedia
5   Link   Dutch Settlers in South Australia
Although the Dutch seem to be the first to have discovered Australia, including parts of Tasmania and South Australia, they have never made a great impact as a group of settlers. As there was never any real religious persecution or high unemployment in Holland, there never was the kind of mass immigration by the Dutch similar to that of the Irish, Germans, Cornish or Italians. This does certainly not mean that they have not made a contribution to South Australia. As individuals many have made an impressive and lasting contribution to their adopted country...
6   Link   Dutch Immigrants in Melbourne
From September 1990 to March 1991 I gathered data for my M.A.-thesis on identity and ethnicity among immigrants of Dutch origin in Melbourne, Australia (Department of Anthropology, University of Nijmegen). These Dutch immigrants came to Australia in the period between 1945 and 1955. In my study of this group, based on a series of interviews and a written survey (46 respondants), I concentrated on the discrepancy between initial expectations, and actual experiences of immigration.
7   Link   From the Netherlands to Australia
Articles from Nationaal Archief, from Buitenlandse Zaken.
8   Link   Dutch Mapmakers
For an entire century, Dutch cartographers were the finest in the world.

Between 1570 and 1670—the years leading up to the formation of the VOC (Dutch East India Company) and the subsequent decades of often spirited Dutch exploration along the Australia's shores—a series of mapmaking families merged art and science in maps and atlases that were unsurpassed. In the workshops of Hondius, Blaeu, Jansson, de Wit and others, cartographers kept pace with the growth of geographical knowledge.