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The Dutch Community (Dutch Social & Welfare Club) Incorporated
Office and Club rooms: Hills View Function Centre, 21 Greenfields Drive, Green Fields, South Australia 5107

Also known simply as ‘The Dutch Club‘ or even DSWC, The Dutch Community (DSWC) Inc. is a non-profit organisation formed to enable all people who were previously resident in the Netherlands and their descendants to gather in social and cultural activities on a non-political and non-sectarian basis.

Our roots are expressed in the Social and Welfare aspects of that Community. The committee, members (full, concession and associate) and affiliated groups make up the core of the organisation, with support to and by associated bodies such as NESWA, Rembrandt Living, Raddraaiers carnival club, 5PBA, 5EBI, SBS radio and BVN TV.

Postal address: PO Box 123 Salisbury South,  SA  5106
E-mail address:
President: 0402 008 498 (Maurice)
Functions coordinator: 0430 065 052 (Connie)

Dutch Consulate in South Australia